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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

May 11, 2017|

Leath Ramsay

If you want to do something, change something, be something, you need to absolutely engage. To become truly great at work, or at home as a parent, or at uni, or in business, or in your love relationship, you need to be totally engaged.

Studies show that if you simply sit and listen passively only 10% of what you hear will be retained in about two months time. It's fairly safe to say that is a waste of your time. I am flashing on the students in my class sitting at desks, quietly listening. Are they engaged? Is this quality education? In a word, no! Can I do something about it? Can I change it? Absolutely. For their sake and mine.

Taking notes and writing information down has a somewhat magical power. It drives information in further, pushes the groove down deeper into your psyche where you can expect to hold onto 40-50% of it. This is a big improvement, right? The main reason I write is to further engage with all that I am learning on a daily basis. Could I do more? Be better? Absolutely.

By physically and actively engaging with information you can expect to preserve a whopping 80-90% of it. Sign me up! By feeling it, moving your body, speaking about it all aids the successful recollection. So here I am, intentionally engaging with new material. Speaking about it, meditating on it, yelling it out, screaming it from mountain tops (literally) and getting a learning groove on. This week I even tried more physical engagement during learning time in my classroom and at home with my family. You should have heard the noise, seen the smiles and felt the vibe. Remarkable.

Engaging with passion and enthusiasm in the classroom and in every realm of your life feels electrifying. If you truly want to be better than good, or average, and be marvellous, you need to be totally and utterly engaged. To be engaged is genuinely thrilling. Try it for yourself.

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