Wellness = Resilience

May 16, 2017| Leath Ramsay

'Wellness' is a real buzz word in our first-world society at the moment. A word that flitters around, is quite illusive and a little fanciful. For some, it is always somewhere just out of reach. Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of understanding how to get it, own it and ultimately live it.

It's really very simple. Wellness is resilience. You can't be given it, buy it, copy and paste it, borrow it or order it on line. Resilience is taking control of your thought life, now, today and everyday. Couple it with personal responsibility and there's just no stopping you.

Life is beautiful, magical and totally enchanting. Life is also tough, harsh and devastating at times. No matter who you are, how much money you have, how old you are, life is going to have some dark valleys. Our job is not to avoid those troughs, in fact it would serve us well to prepare and rehearse some buoyancy and preservation strategies, right? This is where my passion lies and why I am up at 3 am writing about it.

Without question we need to be categorically taking control of our thought life as of now. Not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY! This is a priority and an absolute non-negotiable. This requires a conscious decision, practice, training, rehearsal and strategies to allow the good stuff in and keep the rubbish out.

In her book, Who Switched Off My Brain?, neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf explains that "research has shown that 87% of illness can be attributed to our thought life. Studies conclusively link more chronic disease to an epidemic of toxic emotions in our culture." If you want to be well you must get control of your thought life. Don't you see it for yourself that you have to bring good stuff in and keep the rubbish out?

This means NO SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAILS or TV before you set your intentions for the day (uh oh... I said it. I can hear the cries of disagreement ring out). This is the part about keeping the rubbish out. Dr Leaf goes on to say, "Negative reinforcement releases negative chemicals." Guard your thoughts like you would guard your most precious possession. Don't let anybody else touch them or harm them. Rebuke the rubbish. You don't have to take it on. You are in charge.

Positive reinforcement releases positive chemicals. So, start your day intentionally. Give thanks. Spend time with God. Forgive. Speak your vision and affirmations out loud. Meditate. Visualise your ideals future. Count your many blessings. These steps will de-stress you, give you greater capacity, calm you, control your emotions and ultimately boost your health and wellbeing.

Starting your day this way, everyday, is the launching pad. Next comes some buoyancy and preservation strategies to use throughout the day. It all begins with thoughts you have and how you react to them. Such mindfulness is the golden ticket to taking control of your thought life, wellness, resilience and ultimately your happiest and healthiest life.

For more information you can check out the "Buoyancy and Preservation Strategies" post. Have a simply marvellous day.

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