An Alternative to the SUJ Train

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

May 8, 2017 ESC - Education... Success... CallingPreviously I suggested that most people have bought into a very prescriptive, one track School-Uni-Job (SUJ Train) pathway to success and happiness. You are no doubt considering then, “What is the alternative mental model of the SUJ Train?” Put simply, it’s the “ESC Route” of Education, Success and Calling.

Escape the societal straight lineal train track approach and imagine a more organic and free flowing map that you can easily move around and change direction whenever you wish. This map has hills, peaks to aim for and valleys to endure, some pathways to follow and some areas where you will need to make your own way and actually create the path. There is no edge to the map as it is yet to be completed. It is not segmented into learning for work and for home life as all learning contributes to your journey.

This flowing map is yours, and is unique to you, to develop and create. Forget imitating another. Be yourself. Be your best self. The world needs you, not a second version of someone else. There is no set start or end point set by the government or society. It is a blank canvas ready for you to paint your own path.

This can be both exciting and a tad overwhelming. It requires thought, imagination, patience, maturity and a sprinkling of trial and error.It’s impossible to predict every aspect of your journey but there are aspects to it that are known. Pillars that will hold you up, drive you forward, motivate, challenge, frustrate and ultimately create the person you want to become exist.

These three pillars are Education, Success and Calling.

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