Be Intentional About Your Thoughts

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

May 8, 2017| Leath Ramsay It's true that whatever it is that you focus on grows. If you think, speak and act in negative ways these thoughts, words and actions have more and more power in your life as they grow. The great news is that if you turn these around the same is true for positive thoughts, words and actions. You have to choose one, so why not choose positive, life creating viewpoints, chatter and deeds?

Are you talking yourself down an undesirable path? Most of us don't even think about what we think about? Would you agree? What is it that you think about first thing in the morning or last thing at night? Or when you look in the mirror? Or when you are parenting your kids? Or at work?

Decide now what it is that you desperately desire? First of all, become mindful of what it is that you are thinking. If it aligns with your desires that's wonderful. If not, take action and intentionally change those thoughts and get on a positive path. It sounds so simple, yet it is not that easy without intention and practice.

From here a great next step is to rehearse your responses to situations, other people's responses, even your own negative self talk. I simply say to myself, "Stop, thanks, but I actually think that I am capable, or it is possible, or I can learn that and create it." Whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, ensure your thoughts and words are inline with it.

Why not challenge yourself to a positive mental contest for just seven days? What will you discover with mindful, intentional and positive self-talk? I'd love to hear what you discover. Add your comments below.

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