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Leath is an experienced and passionate teacher, author, speaker and mother of three, with a Bachelor of Business, Grad. Dip. Ed (Early Childhood), Grad. Dip. Ed (Primary) and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). Since the late 1990's she has worked with young people and their families as a Preschool Teacher, Preschool Director, Primary School Teacher, Primary School Team Leader, High School Curriculum Coordinator, Deputy Principal and University Teacher. 

During her years in education, Leath has developed an array of skills working with many students of various abilities and consistently brings out the best in them. She is a brilliant communicator and has a well-known reputation for her big heart, love of learning, care of others and excellence in all she does. Learners and their families are in an enviable position in Leath's very capable hands and devoted heart at Great Thinking & Solutions.  


While working with hundreds of students and their caregivers in her home country of Australia and in Japan and the UK, she has developed a deep understanding of the social and emotional issues that many young people struggle with. Leath has written and continues to write curriculums, programs and materials to help students develop skills and be resilient to move through life with ease and give parents peace of mind.  She has helped students with learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD), autism and mental ill-health issues like anxiety and depression to learn how to use their mind to take control of their thinking and grow their brain to successfully navigate school and social situations.



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